How to download Doodle: Live Wallpapers


Doodle is an open-source app that provides colorful live wallpapers with auto dark mode and power-efficient animations.
The wallpapers are based on the original Doodle live wallpaper collection of the Google Pixel 4 and the unreleased Material You wallpaper collection of the Pixel 6, extended with additional wallpapers from Chrome OS.
The app is not just a copy of the original wallpapers, it’s a complete rewrite without the permanent animations to save battery and storage space. In addition, there are many customization options to match your preferences.

• Stunning wallpaper designs and Pixel feeling
• System dependent dark mode
• Power-efficient parallax effect on page swipe or when tilting the device
• Optional zoom effects
• Direct boot support (immediately active after device restart)
• No ads and no analytics
• 100% open-source

Advantages over original Pixel 4 live wallpapers:
• Permanent animations (when tilting the device) are optional
• Support for Android 12 color extraction
• Exclusive “Material You” live wallpapers
• No battery-hungry 3D engine
• Improved text contrast (dark text for light themes instead of white text with shadow)
• Many additional customization options
• Rendering works well even on less powerful devices (very efficient rendering engine)
• Also suitable for larger devices like tablets (scaling option available)
• Tiny installation size

Source code and issue tracker:

Translation management:

• New: zoom-in effect for lockscreen instead of zoom-out (can be switched in size section)
• New: separate swipe and tilt effect intensity controls
• New: interval selection for random wallpaper design option
• New: screen-off delay for Always On Display transition in “Other options” section
• Improved: display refresh rate handling when battery saver is enabled
• Fixed: jerky zoom animation when tilt effect was turned on

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